Question Time! It's time to have your say about Thrive's cleaning and grounds maintenance services.

This years Question Time topic will give you the opportunity to ask a panel of Thrive specialists any questions about the cleaning and grounds maintenance around your home. Join our online event to have your say!

  • What is Question Time?

    It's simple. You ask, we answer. 

    Submit questions by Friday 2nd October for your Customer Experience Panel to take forward and challenge our panel of experts for the answers. 

    We intend to ask all questions received, but if we can't manage this we guarantee you answers within five working days thereafter.

    Watch the latest Question Time event. 

  • What's in it for me?

    No matter how big or small, you have the opportunity to have your questions answered. Our CEP independently host Thrive Question Time events, challenging the expert panel and ensuring you receive answers. In a nutshell:

    • Be heard. Ask a straight question for straight answers. 
    • Challenge. Seek further answers from our expert panel. 
    • Hear it from the horse's mouth. Our knowledgeable experts will provide you with the right information.
    • Help us improve. We'll use your feedback to help shape our services and your experience. 
  • What topics will be discussed?

    The Question Time topic this year will surround our cleaning and grounds maintenance services. 

    This is your opportunity to get as much information as possible from Thrive experts to ensure you continue to receive a fair deal.

    Make sure you provide as much information as possible to get the most from your question.

  • What questions can I ask?

    Any general questions about cleaning and grounds maintenance. Questions relating to a specific matter or property should be submitted to:

    Here's some guidelines for asking questions to get a comprehensive response

    Try to ask open questions that require more than a yes or no answer so that the person answering has to provide a detailed response in their own words. For example:

    1. What works are included in the grounds maintenance contract and where can I find more information about the service standards customers should expect to receive?
    2. What can I do if the contractor is performing poorly? Will they face enforcement action, including financial penalties, where they fail to meet the service standards specified in the contract?
    3. How does Thrive monitor the performance of the cleaning contractor and use customer feedback to improve the service?

    Try to keep the questions simple and broad enough to be of interest to other customers as this will increase the chances of it being selected by the CEP and put to the panel of experts.

    If possible, read your question out loud to yourself or someone else to check that it is the best way to ask the question to illicit an open and transparent response. It is common to have to make changes or fine-tune questions before submitting them.  

  • Who are the experts?

    The experts include a panel of Thrive colleagues chosen for their knowledge of the cleaning and grounds maintenance contracts around your home. They will be challenged by the Chair of our Customer Experience Panel and members. 

  • Where will the event be?

    This years Question Time will be an online event. 

    Click here to sign up now!

    Once you have singed up we will send you a link with instructions on how to join near to the date of the event.

  • How long will the session be?

    The event will last for around 1 hour 30 minutes, with a prompt start at 6pm.

  • How can I submit a question?

    You can submit as many questions as you like and you can either do this when you sign up to attend by clicking on the link below. You can submit questions until Friday 2nd October.

    Submit a question

  • I am interested. How can I sign up?

    Click here to sign up now!

    Once you have singed up we will send you a link with instructions on how to join near to the date of the event.

  • I can't make the event

    Don't worry! We'll publish the Questions & Answers for you to catch up in your own time. Just let us know you can no longer make it by emailing:

    To catch up on last years Question Time about our repairs service click here.